At Captain Ticket, we love sports. We love every unique sport, the different leagues in each sport, and every team in each league. That said, some sports hit closer to home than others. 

Sure, if you have lived in Indianapolis for a decade or more, your proximity to Lucas Oil Stadium might prompt you to be a Colts fan, but if you went to the University of Georgia you will have a much more unique relationship with that team — after all, it’s your alma mater.

College sports are unlike any other sports in the way that people forge unique emotional connections to their teams. Whether you went to a school with a Power 5 football program or a school that has an FCS program, that is your team — and to that team, you provide endless support. 

Next time you find yourself in your college stomping grounds or your favorite college team is visiting your new home, we urge you to check out Captain Ticket for no-fee game tickets. Browse our online store today to see what upcoming events are coming up in your area

Why We Love College Sports

At Captain Ticket, we don’t love college sports because we sell NCAA tickets, we love college sports because it is hard not to! Below we have listed a few of our favorite examples of why college sports are so great. 

There Is Something for Everyone

If you live in Jacksonville, Florida, you don’t have many choices when it comes to finding a professional sports team to support. In fact, it would be the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team or nothing. If you move to Miami to go to the University of Miami, however, you can now root for your university by cheering on your football team, basketball team, volleyball team, or any other sports teams on campus. Heck, if you like water sports more than other sports, you can even cheer on the water polo team. 

In short, there is a sporting event for everyone in college. And if there is an NCAA ticket that you’re looking for can be found in the Captain Ticket store. 

School Spirit & Tailgating

When you purchase an NCAA ticket from Captain Ticket, you get much more than entry to the big game — you also get entry to the parking lot outside of the game — a place where some of the most creative parties and barbeques of all time take place. 

When it comes to college athletics, there is an unmatched level of school spirit. In fact, the school spirit usually takes on its own identity as different collegiate fan bases are known for their own unique celebrations. So each time that you buy an NCAA ticket, you’re really getting two for the value of one. 

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If you have a favorite college sports team, we urge you to check out our online NCAA ticket store to find an upcoming event near you. Once you find an event, it is time to break out the old college jersey and get ready for the game!

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